The Will
2018 l 20m l Film and Video Installation

in collaboration with Jenny Cho

“The Will” is the first outcome of the artists’ ongoing collaborative visual research on writing counter-histories in the context of intermediality and performativity. The work reenacts the recurring elements from existing filmic, theatrical and literary sources, which contemplate on the foretelling of the conditions consisting a historical and political rupture.

This interdisciplinary visual experiment, namely of painting and film, was conceived during the volatile period of political upheaval in South Korea, “the candlelight
revolution” which took place throughout the winter 2016-17 and subsequently culminated in the presidential impeachment.

The artists took interest in grasping the informed and almost programmed aesthetics of revolution, prevailing phenomena at the squares of Seoul, in relation to the affects of ‘negative utopia’, which were also evidently observed. For this, performance and pre-enactment were employed as documenting tools; the dialogues between the archive materials and the newly constructed scenes are generated. The work is largely inspired by “The Man Who Left His Will on Film”, Nagisa Oshima’s 1970 film of which the excerpts were also used.


Directors: Sungeun Kim, Jenny Cho
Producers: Sungeun Kim, Jenny Cho
Writers: Sungeun Kim, Sojeong Lee
Camera: Kkotnarae Bae
Cinematographer/DP: Sungeun Kim, Kkotnarae Bae
Editing: Sungeun Kim
Music: Manuela Schininà
Sound: Manuela Schininà
Cast: Sojeong Lee, Moocho Hwang, Dambi Kim, Sang Lee, Jooya Kim, Jae Hyung Oh, Taebeom Seo, Hyerin Jeong, Yooni Ham